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The Seoul Partners House is a public facility for support of the international business of SMEs and related organizations. For your information, user qualifications and purpose of usage are specified below.

Conference Rooms & Guest Rooms

● User qualification and purpose of usage

Guest Rooms are available for:
- When SMEs in Seoul invite international buyers, investors, international technology holders to promote international businesses with
  various activities like product exports, technology transfers, factory surveys, etc, irrespective of trade and service sectors.
- When the related organizations in Seoul needs accommodation for participants from overseas in international seminars joined by
  SMEs in Seoul.
- When it is required to implement relevant policies of the Seoul city government in advance.
- When members at the foreign branch of companies investing overseas visit head office and members of foreign investment
  companies visits branches in Seoul. (Allowed only to foreign visitors)
- When international buyers send the application for reservation and then local SMEs confirm the application.
- Other cases approved by a representative of SBA.

Conference Rooms are available:
- When the Seoul City Government, SMEs in Seoul and related organizations promote international businesses including export,
   investment attraction, and technology exchange or hold seminars, educational training, and workshop for SMEs.
  (Excluding individual investment activities)
- When large companies in Seoul hold seminars and educational training for SMEs in Seoul with an aim to support SMEs.
- When the Seoul city government and the operating party need

■ Payment and Refund
When making a reservation of guest room/conference room cancelations and changes may result in penalties as per our regulations.
※ For further details, see the operational regulations of guest room/conference room.